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3 Marketing Tips for Growing your Business or Start-Up

Do you feel like you’re missing a competitive edge? Looking to grow your brand, consumer base, and business reputation? Smart Marketing and Business strategies can make your brand stand out against competitors. Follow these three effective steps to accelerate growth and develop a business plan that works.

1. Professional Branding Creates Consumer Trust

Never underestimate the power of a strong foundation. The first step in establishing a reliable business reputation is your website. If you are marketing a stellar product, but your website professionalism is falling short. Customers aren’t going to be persuaded to trust your brand and invest in your services.

Create a website with professional images, convenient navigation, and engaging content. Hook your readers with a conflict and offer them the resolution with your product or service. Take time to develop a website that instills trust in your target audience. This step is often overlooked but is essential to convert customers and grow your brand reputation.

2. Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategies

One of the most efficient ways to turn leads into customers is with drip campaigns. A drip campaign is an automated email sequence that is triggered by a certain action on the customer’s end. It is completely customizable to work within the guidelines you choose.

You can set up drip campaigns with free email marketing tools that make it simple and efficient.

For example, if a customer comes to your site’s landing page and enters their email address for more information. You could pre-set up a series of emails that engage with your customers after they enter their email on this page. Customer engagement is essential for growing your business. The goal is not to pester them, but to maintain relevance with your consumer base.

Things to Keep in Mind with Email Campaigns:

- Use a sender address that’s clear and recognizable.

- Write a subject line that gives them a reason to open your email.

- Make sure your content is formatted for easy skimming, professionalism, and engagement. Write content for your customer, not your brand.

- End every email with a CTA or Call-to-Action, make it easy for your customer to follow through with the next steps to engage with your brand or service.

3. Understand Your Audience and Target Your Niche

The biggest mistake people make when growing their business is not content marketing to their niche audience. Once you begin to understand your target audience, you can curate the most effective ways to engage and market your business.

Ask yourself:

Who’s your target audience? What kind of people will use your product or service? What’s the average age range of your customers or clients? Why will they come to your website instead of competitors?

Make yourself stand out, and focus on the niche that highlights the successful and unique qualities of your business. Once you are more established it is easier to generalize your content marketing strategies. Build your brand and optimize your business with a clear structure and focus. Once you know your audience and are producing content catered to them, your conversion rates will grow in no time!

The Take-Away:

Focusing on these key marketing tips will help you begin to maximize your profit potential and accelerate your growth. Don’t worry, this is just the foundation to creating your bulletproof business strategy.

Don’t wait until you feel ready to start expanding your business into a profitable, professional career. You ARE ready, and you will never be successful until you start treating yourself like a professional entrepreneur.

Take the necessary steps to stand out and invest in your brand. Success is just around the corner.

This is just the beginning! For a more personalized marketing plan and to discover how we can help your business be best positioned to achieve your goals, schedule an introductory call today. We’re here to help.

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