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We're happy to hear you'd like to continue in a role on our Remote Customer Support Team. We're excited to partner with you. All positions are 1099 independent contractor positions as customer service representatives and this opportunity is only open to U.S. residents. 

Please watch the video below in its entirety for a walkthrough of the registration process.


It is highly suggested that you complete the following steps on a computer or laptop that allows you to have multiple tabs open so that you can register on the website in one, and keep this page open in a separate tab. If you encounter any issues during the registration process please email the Strategize To Monetize Support Team at


Key pieces of information you'll need during registration:

Referral Code: 4102449

FEIN: 85-3237417

IBO ID: 578599

To download a Step-By-Step pdf of the registration steps, Click Here.

Once you have completed all of the Registration Steps as outlined above, the Strategize To Monetize HR team will be contacting you via email to introduce you to your Success Buddy and to confirm completion of all of the required onboarding documents. 



Our Remote Customer Support Agents operate as work from home call center agents, receiving incoming calls to assist customers with account and order inquiries. As such, the agents who excel in this role:

  • Review your current qualified Client Opportunities

  • Make a top 3 list of opportunities you're interested in

  • Follow @StrategizeToMonetize on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram

  • Join the Strategize To Monetize Slack, and introduce yourself to the team

  • Check your spam, junk, and promotion folders to ensure your Next Steps email didn't get accidentally sorted there.

  • Review the Strategize To Monetize Payroll Policy by Clicking Here.

  • Review the Arise Equipment Policy by Clicking Here.

  • Do you need some equipment? We've partnered with WAHES to offer financing options. Click Here.

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Once again, we are SO HAPPY to have you join the team and we're looking forward to a long and successful relationship together!

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